Friday, February 6, 2009

Get your own thought.....

I had this issue niggling at me for a long time. It never really impaired my thoughts about "buying a style" as I would like to call it. I heard these dreaded words utter at Glastonbury 2007 mid mud so this was quite sometime ago. I heard some guy say "I just saw Kate Moss". Ok that is fine. I saw Dot Cotton, so fucking what. Then what can only be described as KM fan uttered these words in response. "Oh my god...what was she wearing?". Oh dear! This made me laugh out loud. Did those words fall out of her mouth?. Ha ha and then made me realise the sad situation of people wanting to be like Kate. I can understand this to an extent as she is still one off the worlds biggest model, she is beautiful, successful and lives a wild lifestyle that if I had that money of course I would be living the dream. A style icon, yes, of course. But for who? For me no. There is nothing to get excited about. No inspiration for me. In my opinion she has become too high street in the sense that her style is even easier to copy now since she has created her own range for Topshop. She has her own perfume, hair care range ...what next! You can of course go in to Primark and pick up the whole look probably for less than 20 bucks! Cheap clothes, cheap look. The only difference is our Kate wears designer labels and on the odd occasion her own Topshop label to promote it. Her weekly routine would probably consist of facials, in house chef counting those carbs every week and she will no doubt get a shit load of designer clothes...probably ALL for free. Your really not going to get that million dollar look from Primark! Which is not a bad thing for the rest of the consumers of Look magazine.But for me...its a negative. There is so much more to style than Look and me! The more you save the better the item you can afford that's worth the money. Not buying a hole heap of crap from Primarni. By all means take inspiration from the woman but I think you would be getting into dangerous territory when you start getting hair cuts like her and convincing yourself that you could be sisters. A terrible situation would occur and that is "The ugly version of Kate Moss". Not so stylish now!

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  1. couldn't agree more. i hate look. i do actually read it when my flatmate brings them back from work but it makes me feel ill.