Thursday, November 11, 2010

Layer overload......

I am beyond excited for this weekend! Off on a trip to Paris and then Berlin. So will take lots of pictures. Need to pack and i will of course pack much more than i should. I wish I could be the sensible "take what you need" travel but I like choice to much. I've done aplenty of traveling over the past 2 years to know that CHOICE comes way in front of SENSIBLE...I do like a challenge when it comes to carrying my shit around!

Today wearing: 

  1. Vintage Parker which will be getting a few airings this season.
  2. Shoes: Zara
  3. Cardigan: Vintage
  4. Dresses: Both Vintage
  5. Denim Waist Coat: Vintage
Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh wow, so jealous of your travels this weekend! Paris and Berlin <3 I travelled across europe this summer and have been craving to go back to Berlin to explore more. Looking forward to seeing your photos :) x

  2. This is SO my type of fall outfit! love all the layers. xx