Saturday, April 18, 2009


1. Cobra Snake
2. Jeremy Scott dress {Collette) I want this dress!
3. Taki Photo
4. French Vogue
5. Alexander Wang, Pierre Cardin Shoes, amazing hair!
So sorry there has been a massive delay on the old blogging this week but I have been working my arse off trying to create a super home for me and the fella. We got a huge Victorian flat a few weeks ago and it is fucking amazing but unfortunately the dear old woman who lived there before had acquired some completely demented taste. This has banished me too 4 days of stripping about 20 layers of wall paper of the shitting walls!!!! Anyway its Saturday, its sunny and we are going out for a lovely meal with our Belgium brothers Stefphan and David AKA Soulwax AKA 2manydjs, so this should be fun! So lots of pictures to come but in the mean time here is some favourites. In particular the hair in 5. and the dress in 2.!!!

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  1. Have added you.....couldn't figure out your location (I categorise my links by location...) but once I read this I'm guessing you're from the UK??? Possibly London???