Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Sun has FINALLY got it‘s hat on.......

So the sun finally came and it was defiantly time for the signature hat to come out. I love this black wicker boater from Top Shop. I whisked it into my hands as soon as I saw this little Poppet last summer and ever since then we have formed a beautiful relationship. I then went on to buy the same colour straw traditional boater that Queen Chloe has been seen wearing but I will break into that one a little later...don‘t want to upset Poppet!


  1. Thank you for the comment =) I've checked out ur blog and I found it very interesting/cool!

    Ps. That boater looks superb on U! xx.

  2. cheers for the comment. bit weird but i do actually recognise you from manchester a while back. and from some of moz's photos on facebook. i'm a mate of his too. seems i never forget a face!

    like the blog - you're in my links.